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Westminster College Map

A commissioned campus map for Westminster College for their on-campus map and website 2015


Las Vegas Map

A commissioned map for the Las Vegas Furniture Market for ‘The Designers’ Guide to the Las Vegas Market’ published by The Editor at Large 2015


A TSA Guide to Packing

A simple infographic to help travelers pack according to the TSA guidelines listed at


New York in Nine Coffees

Based off of the ‘New York in Nine Coffees’ list in the New York Times’ article, Where to Find Serious Coffee in New York? Everywhere. by Oliver Strand,…


8 Things That Are Literally The Worst

‘8 Things That Are Literally The Worst’ illustrated article for Buzzfeed Community Promoted to the Front Page Received 212K views Link: Buzzfeed 1. People who take up…

High Point Market Map

High Point Market Map

A commissioned map for the High Point Furniture Market for ‘The Designers’ Guide to the High Point Market’ published by The Editor at Large 2014


Comedy Bang! Bang! Episode #257

A tribute to my favorite podcast and episode, Comedy Bang Bang Episode #257: Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts w/ Will Forte and Paul F. Tompkins.


Fishtown Pizza Map

The exciting thing about living in cities is watching the development of a neighborhood and seeing new businesses open and enjoying what they have to offer. Some do…


Berlin Pizza Map

The Mitte, Berlin companion pizza map to the Fishtown, Philadelphia version. 2013

The Regular

The 7 Different Types of People You’ll See in a Coffee Shop

Above: The Regular ‘The 7 Different Types of People You’ll See in a Coffee Shop’ character illustrations for Buzzfeed Community article Promoted to the Front Page Received…

Chinese Takeout Menu Re-Design Front

Chinese Take-Out Menu Redesign

At this point, Chinese take-out places have figured out what works for them, so there really is no need to dress up what they’ve got: delicious, greasy food…

Stroudsburg Map

Map of the Teenage Years

It’s been several years since I graduated high school, and I wanted to take a close look at my hometown Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, a small town in the Poconos….


Family Portraits

Above: Dad, 42 My patient family posed for these portraits for a class project assigned by my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Deshisky. 1993

Banh Mi

Banh-Mi Recipe

One of my favorite, tried and true recipes created for They Draw and Cook 2013


Pattern Design

2014 -

Muppet People

Muppet People

A reinterpretation of Sesame Street / Muppets as real people created for my final project senior year of college. Clockwise from top left: Bert, Ernie, Janice, Beaker, and…


Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight

A Tribute to The Kelly Family’s “Ain’t Gonna Pee-Pee My Bed Tonight,” featuring one of the most charismatic youngsters in the biz. 2011  

Red Haired Girl

Red Haired Girl

A semi-self portrait used as a mascot for my old personal blog, Teen Luka. 2011

Subway Teacher

Subway Teacher

Riding the subway in New York makes for some excellent people watching. There was one man who I saw pretty regularly, and his choice of clothes always made…

European Transplants

European Transplants

A tribute to my college days and two friends who have left the states for greener European pastures. 2011